Previous Introductions

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ACT NATURALLY 07 EE 50 D NOC The first bloom of the season in elegant, simple yellow. 20
AEGEAN WIND 06 ML 36 SE UF Graceful floating kite in soft orchids 20 
AFTERGLOW OF LOVE 01 VL 28 SE Late choice waxy polychrome 20 
AFTER THE GOLDRUSH 12 ML 33 D Glowing bright orange, very nocturnal, super unique 40
AGE OF CONSENT 19-M-44-SE Delicate fawn pink on a stunning plant 60 
ALDO LEOPOLD 21-ML-32-SE distinct watermark in orchid lavender F 150
ALEXANDER VON HUMBOLDT 20-ML-40-SE Big pewter WM on lavender F 150
ALGEBRA OF DARKNESS 99 M 25 SE Velvet like violet black 30
ALAN WATTS 17-ML-36- SE Ephemeral pattern blend of soft orchids 50 
AMERICAN SONGBOOK 09 EM 40 SE Regal wide and ruffled clear purple 30
ANGEL FALLS 08 M 45 Diploid Cascading exotic orchid 30
A PERFECT CONVERSATION 20-ML-38-SE Gracefully flaring orchid lavender F 100
AQUAS AZUL 10 M 36 SE Ethereal soft orchid with large blue watermark 40 
ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST 16-M-SE-SC A most refined sculptural polychrome 60
ARROGANT BASTARD 05 ML 44 SE This egotistical burgundy commands respect 40
ATACAMA OASIS 19 M 46 SE Dramatic flat pleated sand and palm color 60
AWAKENING WIND 14-EM-53-SE-UF Cascading, graceful soft orchid UF 30 
A WARM AND HAPPY PLACE 22-ML-37-SE round bubbly edged fawn pink 100
AZURE JEWEL 21-L-24-SE Ethereal lilac lavender LATE 100
BACK TO NATURE 09 M 52 D Noc Simple timeless beauty in clear yellow 30 
BEMUSED BY COLOR 11 M 40 SE Very clear opalescent orchid pink 50 
BLACK BIRD SINGS 09 M 34 SE Beguiling dusky grape violet with corduroy surface 30
BLUEBERRY SCONE 11 ML 33 SE Soft lavender with blue violet watermark 30
BLUE CRANE 13 ML 40 SE Elegantly graceful clear lilac, superb plant and performance 50
BOLDLY GOING 23 EM-38-SE Bright tomato red w bold Wm F 150
BOOM SHIVA 15 EM 36 SE SC Dramatically pleated crimson rose, pink 40 
BORED HOUSEWIFE 10 M 43 SE Concupiscent hot pink,great plant 40 
BUILDING THE COLOSSUS 11 ML 46 SE An architectural wonder in violet with bold rose watermark F  50
BYZANTINE DAGGER 23 EM-40-SE Metallic rose reverse bitone, pencil halo 150
CALL OF THE LOON 19 ML 33 SE Misty orchid lavender w bold watermark 80 
CAPTAIN COOK 20-M-33-SE Unique clear lavender 150
CARL SAGEN 17-M-34-SE-SC Cosmic round deeply carved purple 60
CANDY COATED DAYDREAM 23 M-30-SE An ocean of big pink 100
CARNAL EMPORIUM 14-EM-43-SE Brilliant raspberry w applique pattern and green heart 50
CARNIVALS AND COTTON CANDY 22-M-40-SE Awesome bubblegum pink plated GARDEN PERFORMER. 100
CATASTROPHE WAITRESS 06 M 33 SE Boldly flaring dancing shiva in flamingo pink 30
CHAIRMAN MAO 11 M 33 SE A rich satin finish, exceptional red color and form 40
CHATEAU BELAIR 10 ML 42 SE Sparkling clear lilac on a super garden plant 40 
CHEW MAIL POUCH TOBACCO 12 EL 73 D Super tall, well branched tree-like barn red 40
CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS 16-ML-42-D Peerless flat lavender 150 
CLASH OF ABSOLUTES 17-M-30-SE Stunning deep violet with red water mark 150
CLASS ACTION 14-M-36-D-SC Boldly flaring and pleated orchid 50
CLICK BAIT 17-ML-40-SE Robust bright garnet red with bubbly edge 100 
CLOUDBURST REQUIEM 23 ML-35-SE exceptional clear orchid F 200 
COMFORT INN 23 M-33-SE Classic polychrome, performance plus 100 
COMODORO RIVADAVIA 21-M-36-SE Soft orange with bold WM 150
CONTRIBUTING EDITOR 15 EM 36 SE Provocative lavender blend with halo pattern 50
CONTROLLED REENTRY 23 M-38-SE Round glowing orange red 150
COOL HAND LUKE 09 M 40 SE SC Ex Dramatic and dashing sculptural orchid pink 40
COZY FANNY 16-E-40-SC wantonly robust deeply pleated coral blend 30 
CREPEFRUIT SHERBET 20-ML-33-SE Delicious and textural mango dessert 150
CRINTONIC BEAUTIFUL DAY 20-ML-34-SE Fancy round pastel pink 150
CRINTONIC CANDY STORE 20-M-34-SE Brightly decorated sweet pink 150
CRINTONIC COLORBOX 16-M-26-SE-SC Unique pleated spicy coral blend 40 
CRINTONIC CROWN JEWELS 19 M 30 SE Gemlike deep shimmering ruby red 80
CRINTONIC FIREBALL 21-ML-31-SE Bright orange, bright watermark 100
CRINTONIC HAPPY HOUR 19 EM 28 SE Decadent and fancy embellished golden polychrome 150
CRINTONIC JAZZ HANDS 21-ML-36-SE Bright and festive pleated flamingo pink 100
CRINTONIC LUCKY DAY 20-M-45-SE Stunning tall bright yellow 100
CRINTONIC PERFECT KISS 20-M-48-SE Divine delicate round pink 150
CRINTONIC SECRET PLACE 21-ML-33–SE Delicately creped in pastel pink with demure halo. 60
CROSSTOWN TRAFFIC 07 EM 26 SE Frenetic round bubbly bright rose red 30 
CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS 16-EM-38-D-SC bright clear red with green pleated throat 30
CUPID AND PSYCHE 18-M-39-SE sold as a pair of delicate edged pinks 150 
CUSTOM UPOLSTERY 18-M-38-SE fancy edged pink 80
CRYSTAL CASTLES 16-M-43-D exceptional shimmering blue orchid 100
DASHING YOUNG AQUANAUT 20-M-36-SE Deep violet purple w slate WM 100
DAWN OF AQUARIUS 10 M 39 SE Large soft violet with silver blue watermark 40
DEBBIE FAHLMANN 19 ML 33 SE Windswept full formed ethereal orchid blend 200
DEEP SEA ADVENTURES 19 M 34 SE Fancy edged rich lavender blue 150 
DeGROOVIE 14-M-36-SE-SC Bold applique purple in deeply pleated form 40 
DIANE COOKE TUPPENY 14-M-43-D Dramatic, Flat bright rose red 40
DIANE ROSE CRAWFORD 13 ML 33 SE big flat glowing red with ribs and white edge 40
DIRTY BASTARD 18-M-33-SE Near black maroon, waxy substance, round 100 
DIVINITY LIES WITHIN 13 M 34 SE SC A transcendent carved alabaster small sculpture superbly presented 40
DOORS OF PERCEPTION 20-ML-35-SE Crystal silver w hidden pattern 80
DRAWN TO THE FLAMES 17-ML-39-SE Round coral red very robust plant 40 
DRIVEN BY DESIRE 17-EM-39-SE-SC A stunning bright rose red 150
DRY ICE 21-ML-36-SE Silvery lilac, hint of pink 100
ECHO BEACH 18-M-33-SE Bold lavender w chevron pattern  F100
EDGE OF IRRELEVANCE 22-M-38-SE Violet orchid with the fancy edge. 150
EDWARD ABBEY 13 M 46 SE A monumental rich violet with bold cranberry watermark 50
ELECTRIC LADYLAND 17-M-39-SE Gay bright rose with filigree edge F 150 
ELIZABETH PEACOCK 13 ML 30 SE Exceptional clarity in a blue violet blend, refined garden plant F 100
EMBRYONIC JOURNEY 19 M 36 SE Sensually ruffled and pleated ethereal orchid pink 100
EMERALD OASIS 05 M 30 SE Green suffused lime-yellow, waxy thick substance 30
EMERALD POOL 19 M 40 SE Aqueous soft lavender w green throat 150
ENIGMA CODE 17-M-38-SE Complex pattern in lavender w superb plant 40 
ENIGMA OF ABSOLUTES 06 M 28 SE A benchmark in CLEAR deep purple 30 
ENOLA GAY 01 L 32 SE Atomic blend of colors 30
ETHEREAL SKY COLOR 22-M-40-SE Unique shade of soft lilac blue SO
EVERYBODY WANTS SOME 19 M 43 SE Fancy edged bright lavender SO
EXIT THRU THE GIFT SHOP 14-M-33-SE-SC Deeply carved and pleated apricot gold 40
EXISTENTIAL AVATAR 19 M 38 SE Ornate white edge on big fluffy lavender 100
EX MACHINA 23- M-36-SE-SC Unique deeply ruffled pleated orchid F 200
FAITH BASED INITIATIVE 11 ML 36 SE Soft demure pastel orchid beauty 30 
FAITH HEALER 17-M-33-SE-SC Heavy round ruffled and pleated shell pink 50 
FANCY PANTIES 17-ML-36-SE Delightfully ornate and sensual orchid chiffon 80
FIESTA PANTIES 18-EM-36-SE-SC Fancy hot mexican pink party girl 50 
FLAMIN GROOVIES 23-ML-39-SE-SC Red cristate breakthrough SO
FLAMING LIPS 13 ML 34 SE Rich scarlet red with glowing raspberry orange watermark 40
FLUFFY TUFTS 22-EM-30-SE-CR Bright yellow cristate form SO
FORBIDDEN PLEASURES 18-EM-35-SE-SC Smokin hot rose, wow. 130 
FOREVER EVERETT 23-ML-36-SE Greatly admired orchid w soft “blueish” wm F 150
FRAME OF REFERENCE 15 M 38 SE Bold violet applique’ pattern 50 
FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION 14-M-36-SE-UF Free spirited dancing showy lavender 40
FROM THIS MOMENT ON 11 VL 43 SE A stunning yellow of huge garden presence 50
FUKUSHIMA SHISHIMI 14-M-38-SE-SC Deeply pleated flaring salmon pink 40
FUN IN ACAPULCO 07 M 39 D Narrow and graceful motion in pure yellow 30 
GEM SMOKE 21-M-20-SE Smoldering translucent lavender SO
GET THY BEARINGS 23 M-39-SE-UF 9 inch spider-like orchid 100
GEORGE ORWELL 16-M-36-D big brothers big purple eye 60
GINNY PEARSON 15 ML 30 SE SC Smooth waxy softly pleated pink 50
GLASS HOUSES 14-M-36-SE Exceptional clear orchid, choice. 50
GOLDMAN SACKED US 14-VL-50-D Robust bright showy gold 50
GOODBYE BLUE SKY 19 EM 40 SE Unique hue of delicate lavender blue 150 
GREEN MANILISHI 19 EM 35 SE Pleated orchid rose w green throat 150
GUAYABERA 21-ML-33-SE Orchid lavender w bold watermark SO
HAIL ATLANTIS 16-M-38-SE distinctive sparkling lavender 100
HALCYON SKYS 19 EM 35 SE Bright silvery lavender 100
HANG EM HIGH 15 EE 56 SE UF Very tall purple twisted UF 50
HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER 11 ML 45 D A 9 inch flaring free spirit in cowboy colors 60
JEWEL THIEF 15 EM 28 SE Ornate diamond dusted orchid applique 60
JOE THE PLUMBER 09 ML 41 SE Ex Robust rose lavender, super plant 30 
JOSHUA SLOCOM 04 M 25 SE 5″ Round & ruffled misty blue orchid blend HM 10 30
KATHY BOUMAN 15 ML 40 SE Subtle and tasteful fawn pink, super plant 50
KILN HOUSE 23 L-43-SE-SC Round pleated mango, fab plant 100
LAGUNA BRAVA 16-M-43-D Tall orchid with watermark pattern 40
LAMINAR FLOW 20-EM-32-SE Gracefully pleated narrow soft orchid 100
LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT 18-M-33-SE grape bitone SO
LAVENDER PANTIES 09 ML 33 SE big time fun in lilac chiffon 30
LAVENDER BLUE PLANET 18-EM-36-SE Super rich blue purple 130
LIFE IN THE CLOUDS 19 ML 46 SE Tree-like soft pleated orchid lilac  100 
LILAC JEWEL 22-ML-40-SE, Super vigorous crystalline lilac blue 150
LIONSGATE 23-ML-36-SE Formal round bisque rose w pattern 150 
LIPSTICK JUNGLE 18-EM-33-SE-SC Robust bright rose and green 100 
LOGICALLY IMPLIED 18-M-33-SE Bold watermark on fancy lilac 60
LONG ISLAND BOB 20-M-46-SE Classy tall bright red UF 150
LONG ISLAND MIMI 20-M-38-SE Distinctive soft pink UF 150
LONG LIVE LOVE 06 ML 36 SE A stunning affair in mouth watering pinks 50 
LOVE IN A VACUUM 10 ML 43 SE Deep raspberry violet,vivid watermark 50 
LUMINOUS TABERNACLE 18-M-41-SE Superbly crafted refined poly. 100 
LYRICAL OPTIMISM 08 M 30 SE Very classy sculpted polychrome 30
MANGO CRUSH 18-VL-39-SE The last to bloom tropical pink 100
MARIAN CAVANAGH 19 M 33 SE Rich lavender with bright chalk watermark 70
MATTER OF PRINCIPLE 17-ML-33-SE-SC Cristate purple fr T texas fancy feathers 100
ME AND MY CHARMS 13 ML 36 SE A classic formal round polychrome with whistles and bells on impeccable plant. 50
MERCURY LOUNGE 12 M 33SE SC a pleated, deep simmering crimson red, super plant 30
MERRY PRANKSTER 13 M 33 SE SC Dramatically pleated red with green throat, fabulous parent 30
MIRAR LA PLANTA 20-ML-38-SE Huge oak-like bright rose F 150
MISSION CONTROL 18-M-41-SE Awesome monolithic fancy purple F 200
MISTER APOLLO 21-M-43-SE Fabulously handsome polychrome 100
MOMENT OF TRANSCENDENCE 09 EM 26 SE A gilded sculptural translucent orchid pink 40
MOONAGE DAYDREAM 23- ML-39-SE Huge round soft orange F 200
MORAL IMPERATIVES 16-EM-31-SE-SC Ornate pleated seductive strawberry 30
MOTHER UPDUFF 08 M 30 SE Audacious pleated sculptural pink 30
MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY 19 EM 46 SE Bold appliqué on tall lavender 100
NAVAJO WARRIOR 12 EM 36 SE Distinctive and festive bold mandarin orange 50
NEUTRON STAR 09 ML 43 D Deeply folded origami in alabaster and jade 30
NEW MORNING 23-EM-41-SE-SC Tall stately yellow cristate F 150
NEW WITH SPANDEX 13 M 40 SE SC A playfully deeply pleated sheer coral blush 40
NIGHT OF THE IGUANA 23ML-40-SE Triangular violet blend SO
NITE SHIFT 21-M-33-SE Bold double applique in raised plum 80
NORTH BY NORTHWEST 18-EE-39-SE First flower to bloom, appliqué 80
NOTIFY GROUND CREW 00 M 72 D The tallest yellow trumpet! HM 03 30
OCCUPY YOUR GARDEN 14-EM-46-SE Massive ruffled rose w fawn WM 80
ONE FOR STEVE 12 M 35 SE EX round lavender with blue eye and delicate edge F40
ORANGE SKIES 17-ML-40-SE Glowing orange beacon, shocking 100
PACIFIC MARINER 20-EML-36-SE Superb soft lavender blend 80
PANTIES ON FIRE 19 M 39 SE Vivid orange red with bright WM F150
PANTY CANDY 11 ML 26 SE Delicately ruffled sweet pastel lilac 40
PAPAYA GUMDRPOP 16-M-36-D-SC A tropical mango delight 80
PARADISE BAR AND GRILL 08 M 36 SE Scarlet with bold raspberry watermark 30
PARTICLE ACCELERATOR 18-ML-35-SE Unique frosty orchid blend F 150
PARTY GIRL PANTIES 21-M-40-SE Buxom and lose fancy pink 100
PARTY OUT OF BOUNDS 17-M-30-SE-SC A wild and crazy pleated fawn pink 100
PATAGONIAN SUNSET 16-M-36-SE-SC Flat rich raspberry w big green throat 50
PAUSE AND REFLECT 18-EM-26-SE-SC Meditative tranquil near white 40
PENTHOUSE PLAYGIRL 13 ML 50 SE A bubblegum pink pole dancer rising majestic above the garden crowd 100
PEPPERMINT RAINBOW 22-ML-36-SE Fancy bright rose pink with appliqué wm 150
PERFECT IRONY 10 EM 36 SE SC Deeply pleated origami polychrome, choice! 30
PINK THUNDERBIRD 11 M 44 SE A bold bubblegum pink to stop traffic 50
PINK YOGA PANTS 15 EM 33 SE SC Flairing deeply pleated deep pink 50
PITCAIRN ISLAND 12 M 30 SE Jewel like 4 inch lilac orchid, super plant 30
PIUS PANTIES 16-M-30-D Classic refined fancy polychrome 100
PLASTIC FANTASTIC 15 M 33 SE RE Classic round and waxy apricot 80
PLAYTEX LIVING GLOVE 12 ML 36 SE UF Dramatic flairing reflexed rose shrimp 30
POLYNESIAN VOYAGER 18-ML-40-SE Majestic lavender applique 100
PONCHO VILLA 22-EM-36-SE Round bright red w orange watermark SO 
PRECAMBRIAN EXPLOSION 22-EM-36-SE-CR Bohemian rose violet cristate F 150
PRECISION DYNAMICS 22-ML-42-SE-SC Tall aerodynamic pleated silvery blue 100
PRIMAL SCREAM 94 M 34 D Vibrant orange exotic HM 97, AM 00, Stout 03 30
PROFOUND AMBIGUITIES 20-39_ML-SE Dancing sublime pattern UF 150
PUERTO DEL SOL 10 M 43 D NOC RE VERY flat and wide deep gold self 50
PUSSY GALORE 14-EM-48-SE-SC-RE Sensually erotic X-rated hot pink 40
QUESTION AUTHORITY 13 ML 48 SE Undaunted and resolute performance on a brazen clear raspberry red 50
ORIGINS OF TOTALITARIANISM 23 ML-39-SE A melange of lavender w pattern 150
RAINBOW MESA 07 M26 D Deep and precise pleated saffron orange 30
RAPTURE AT SEA 18-M-42-SE Peerless orchid mist 100
RAY BORTOLUSSI 08 ML 40 SE Charismatic huge polychrome yellow 30
REDEMPTION CENTER 11 EM 40 SE SC A soft pastel ivory with gently pleated throat 30
RED LIGHT DISTRICT 11 ML 40 SE A prurient orgy in scarlet promises satisfaction 40
REQUIEM FOR A DREAM 21-M-33- SE Peerless crystalline orchid pink SO
RESIST 18-ML-36-SE A defiant and proud of it red with edge, tops 50
RHAPSODY IN THE RAIN 19 M 36 SE Soft lavender w huge blue cast wm F 150
ROGUE PRIMATE 13 M 36 SE Simmering deep poinsettia red beauty on a fabulous garden plant 50
ROGUE WAVE 16-M-36-D A large tidal wave in rich lavender shades 60
ROSA PARKS 06 M 33 SE Exceptionally full dark violet 30
RUN AROUND SUE 22-EM-40-SE-UF Big narrow pinched and twisting pink 150
SALVADORE ALLENDE 16-E-35-D-SC A big round charismatic red 50
SCARLET STRIP TEASE 21-ML-30-SE Exotic dancer in deep red 100
SEAMLESS PANTIES 14-ML-32-SE Sensually ruffled formal soft orchid pink 50
SEAWORLD 18-M-40-SE Ephemeral blue lavender 130
SECRET AGENT MAN 10 ML 43 SE Distinctive bold pattern on large violet 50
SELF ANOINTED 14-ML-36-SE-RE Precisely defined bold WM on rich purple 40 
SELF IMPOSED PARADISE 06 ML 30 SE EX Possibly the best yellow in commerce 30
SELF FULLFILLING PROPHECY 21-ML-36-SE Mysterious deep lavender  100
SELF REALIZATION 15 M 33 SE Precise watermark pattern in violet 50
SENSE OF BALANCE 17-M-36-SE-SC very refined sculptural polychrome 50
SENTIMENTAL ME 17-M-30-SE A cute pink bitone ingenue 50
SERENDIPITOUS TWIST 15 M 48 SE SC Unpredictable flairing lavender 60
SHES LIKE A RAINBOW 20-38-ML-SE Special pattern in pink blend 150
SIERRA DEL ROJO 17-M-50-SE Monumental glowing sunset blend 100
SIGOURNEY 08 M 24 SE an alien spawn for your garden 100
SILK TORPEDO 18-ML-50-SE Nine inch simply graceful pink F 100
SILVER LAKE 20-ML-39-SE Silver lavender performance plus 100
SKY CAPTAIN 09 ML 50 SE Extremely tall large rose pink, showy! 50
SMUG INDIFFERENCE 15 ML 33 SE Beguiling pattern in a round lilac 40
SOFT PLAY 21-M-30-SE Demure soft pink self 100
SOLAR TECHNOLOGY 18-ML-40-SE-SC Huge deeply carved yellow Wow F 150
SPACE GRAFFITI 21-ML-42-SE Peerless saturated purple 100
SPINAL TAP 13 ML 40 SE a commanding garden plant in bright strawberry red with clean white midribs 40
SPIRIT IN THE SKY 21-EM-50-SE Tall, elegant silvery orchid F 150
STORM SURGE 22-M-36-SE Reflexed lavender with huge watermark, stunner. F 150
STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK 12 EM 38 SE RE Full formed and ribbed bubblegum pink 30
STRENGTH OF PURPOSE 11 EM 45 SE A tall strong statement in orchid violet 40
SUBLIME ROMANTIC 20-ML-36-SE Absolutely darling rose pink F 100
SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER 07 ML 45 SE Lascivious big bright raspberry, bold WM 50
SUNNY TODAY 12 ML 42 SE A happy bright yellow, state of the art 80
SUNSET MESA 15 ML 42 SE Round blend of sunset colors, super plant 50
SYSTEM OF EDGES 15 EM 30 SE SC Unique orchid cristate form 50
TACTICAL DECEPTION 13 ML 33 SE A strange beguiling gothic orchid blend on a very graceful form 50
TALL BLONDE 08 ML 36 SE A gorgeous body and a beautiful face 40
TEN CENT WINGS 03 ML 28 SE UF Crispate exotic, apricot blend 40
TERMAS DE FIAMBALA 20-ML-35-SE Boldly pleated rich orange red 150
THE DREAM SOCIETY 10 ML 33 SE Exceptional shade of rich blue purple 50
THE FOOD CHANNEL 14-M-50-SE-SC Tall, boldly pleated thai curry dish 40
THE FUTURE OF DESIRE 11 M 33 SE SC A sensually sculpted and creped full figured seductress 50
THE GOLDILOCKS EFFECT 05 M 36 SE Certainly one of the finest polychromes available HM 09 30
THE GRAND ILLUSION 21-ML-42-SE Massive lavender, round watermark 70
THE GREAT SOCIETY 18-M-46-SE Big time gorgeous polychrome 100
THE LAST DROP 19 ML 36 SE Super performing clear lavender purple 100
THE LONER 22-EM-40-SE Tall lavender with slate watermark 100
THE PAINTED DESERT 13 EM40 SE A meditation on a southwestern sunset, huge plants 50
THE PINK BUSH 22-M-53-SE- SC HUGE dramatic pleated rose red SO
THE RED TELEPHONE 16-EM-36-D-SC A dramatic pleated cranberry red self 50
THE SHAPE OF WATER 18-ML-30-SE-SC Shape shifting pristine orchid 100
THE SPACE RACE 10 M 73 D A six foot bright yellow garden sentinel 50
THE SOUND OF APPLAUSE 21-M-35- SE Huge orchid purple F 100
THE X FILES 19 EM 36 SE Brooding rich royal purple w deeper eye  80
THERES A PLACE 11 M 30 SE A delicate calligraphic pattern over slate blue30
THREE KINGFISHERS 21-ML-45-SE Super branched, fancy tall orchid SO
THIRTY SECONDS OVER TOKYO 09 ML 36 SE Glowing atomic sunset orange coral 30
TIFFANY SHADE 11 L 26 SE A delicate gem in watermarked raspberry rose 30
TIGRILLO AFTERNOON 18-ML-45-SE Unique salmon blend, Robust! 150
TINA’S SIREN SONG 12 ML 36 SE Consistently Elegant and well appointed orchid pink 40
TIPTUNYA 21-M-36-SE UF Classy soft orchid pink exotic 100
TONIGHTS THE NIGHT 17-EM-30-SE Satin finished rich purple 50
TROPICAL FRUIT FIGHT 12 ML 33 SE RE SC Unique pleated luscious coral salmon pink F 50
ULTIMATE SPINACH 19 EM 36 SE Unique reflexed and creped green infused salmon 100
UP ON THE ROOF 07 ML 53 SE Dramatic stature in Navajo rose blend 40
VIAGRA FALLS 15 M 38 SE RE Super full formed orchid 100
VINA DEL MAR 17-M-28-SE Exceptional low round clear orchid lavender 75
WALKING CONTRADICTION 14-EM-43-Se-SC-UF Whimsical dynamic flairing soft orchid 30
WATCH HER RIDE 20-EM-35-SE Delicate pink, super performance 50
WATERLOO SUNSET 17-M-38-SE A very unique blend of rose orchid 80
WATERFORD CRYSTAL 20-ML-33-SE Translucent delicate silver pink 100
WATERSONG 23-VL-33-SE Super soft orchid , very late F 150
WEAR YOUR LOVE LIKE HEAVEN 23-ML-38-SE Classy round WM pink F 100
WHAT ME WORRY? 99 ML 40 D Oak-like stalwart big yellow 30
WHO LOVES THE SUN 20-ML-40-D Super flat bright yellow 150
WINE IN THE GAZEBO 13 M 33 SE A boldly watermarked wine purple on great garden plant 50
WINGS OF A DOVE 19 M 41 SE Dramatic pleated reflexed silver pink 100
WISDOM OF INSECURITY 20-ML-35-SE Beguiling new pattern 100
WITHIN YOU WITHOUT YOU 19 M 39 SE Vigorous pleated true pink 50
WOMEN SEEKING MEN 99 ML 41 SE Lusty rose pink Amazon HM 03 30
X RAY EYES  17-ML-36-SE-RE Large misty blue eye over near white 50