Unpredictable You




I love surprises, however with AADS I also bore pretty quickly. However these whimsical pleated things have continued to fascinate with their ever changing dramatic motion and unpredictability. Unpredictable You represents another refinement in these sculptural forms, someplace between Fad Gadget and Betty Harwood. Pleated deeply in the throat, the petals reflex back upon themselves to form dramatic folds and ornate ruffles. Often the flowers pinch strongly in one direction like some weird trumpet, other times you might think it sat to long under the hair dryer. Maybe she got caught in a riptide and tore her bikini top, who knows! A classic polychrome colour softly brushed in bisque pink, Unpredictable You is an exceptional balanced garden plant with strong erect 33 inch scapes that display elegant wide three and four way branching. Very fertile either way.

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